History of the Centre

Sarisbury Green Community Centre

A Brief History

At the beginning of WW2, Mr and Mrs Martin de Selincourt of Brooklands formed a committee of public spirited people with the aim of forming a Community Centre.  It was intended to house a library and clinics, as well as for recreational use and leisure projects. 

Funds were raised by many efforts, including carnivals and pageants in Brooklands grounds, until £1400 was raised in 1946. After looking for suitable plots of land, Mr de Selincourt offered a piece at the top of his park where our building is now situated. Planning permission was granted and a Nissen hut purchased and erected.  The present stage is the only original part of the building still remaining.

Having become an integral part of Sarisbury village life, a more ambitious Centre was planned and the present building was opened in 1965. The bar and lounge with terrace looking towards the river was added in 1978. Later in 1994 further rooms were added, which comprises Hall 2, the River Room, a small kitchen and ladies/gents/disabled toilets.

The Centre is independent and belongs to the people of Sarisbury.